Every car needs an MOT on a yearly basis.  Every MOT test performed checks for a number of issues that can make your car unsafe or environmentally unfriendly, including exhaust emissions and electronics.

When a car fails its MOT test, Midway Garage is able to provide you with a high quality service to carry out the MOT repairs with a quick turnaround.

At Midway Garage we want you to be back on the road as soon as possible and offer a quality MOTR repair service.

Re-Testing your vehicle

After the vehicle repairs we will make sure that the car is now roadworthy by retesting the vehicle.  You will then be issued with a valid MOT certificate after your vehicle passes.  We will also recommend anything that may be a concern before your MOT the following year; these are usually things that could cause your car to fail within the next 12 months.  We offer “free” re-tests after the car has been fixed, the free re-test is valid for 10 days from the original test date.  The Free re-test is valid, even if we don’t carry out the repairs.

Quality Parts and Trusted Mechanics

At Midway Garage we only fit parts from the most reliable and trusted suppliers to make sure your repairs and replacements are of the highest standards.

While the parts may be perfect, you also need to make sure the people doing the job are fully qualified.  At Midway Garage, we only employ fully qualified mechanics.  All mechanics are trained to the highest level and take pride in doing their job.

We "Strive" to be competitive and affordable.  We try to offer our customers the best prices(s) possible so you don’t need to make the decision of taking your car off the road.

We warranty our work for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, unless otherwise stated.